The Power of Failure and Success

I recently watched a very timely and inspirational talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on overcoming both success and failure and the drive to continue to create.  I stopped painting over ten years ago when life threw me a curve ball personally and financially and I told myself I did not have the luxury of painting anymore.  I had to make a living, yet I desperately wanted to continue in Art, which is and always has been my passion.  So, I became an Art Appraiser and have spent the past ten years trying to make a living by essentially judging the merit and establishing the value of artwork for clients.  I loved working in the art world still and using my skills, understanding, and background in art to help my clients, yet it always felt like I was a bit off course and not where I was supposed to be.  This year, in 2017 I made the realization that painting and creativity are what I am supposed to do, regardless of the financial outcome.  It is what feeds my soul and makes me who I am.  I am essentially starting over as an artist in a new social media driven world and listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk, I know my home is painting.  

Link to Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talk

The picture above is one of my paintings I did over 15 years ago that I completely forgot I had done, but knew it was my work when I saw it.  I had gone to the doctor for my every other year checkup and saw this in the waiting room at the Bend Memorial Clinic.  There were three of my paintings in the waiting room, the only art they had. I thought I had sold them to an art consultant in California years ago, because this was an older series, and that gave me chills to think, how on earth would my paintings, done in California get to a medical center in Bend Oregon, where I was living now.  It turned out I had donated them to a non-profit arts center in Bend when they were starting up and they sold them to the medical center.  It was a clear and distinct reminder that I am an artist, I used to do this and that I am on the right path now and need to have faith.  It was exactly what I needed to see at that moment.  I love how the universe works.