Tomorrow's Landscape 48 x 48.jpg

ARtist statement

The Rhythm of Nature
 A Fine Line of Opposites In Balance

The images in my paintings are divided into distinct and separate areas created to highlight the differences between the organic, fluid structure of nature and the bold, geometric expanse of pure color. Each of my paintings is an exercise in finding balance between the diametrically opposed; simplicity of a single mark and the complexity of multiple layers of paint, contrasts of light and dark, texture and luminosity.  
Using nature; the ocean, lakes, rivers, water and sky; as an inspiration and the foundation for my work, I begin with pencil and charcoal drawings in black and white knowing that these are often covered. Multiple layers of translucent oil paint build to create an orderly sense of depth and texture. As blues, jewel tones, or earth toned colored pencils, watercolors, or pastels are added, the very fine line between intentional and accidental begins to blur.

As the work evolves, hidden elements such as words, images, and symbols are embedded in the layers. Like an archeological site, the surface is only one layer and what is beneath may be more interesting and full of meaning. 

Even though each painting begins with sketches for the layout and a structure, in my process as the painting emerges, I embrace balancing opposites, so ultimately the contrasts become complementary and interconnected to capture the beauty and rhythm of nature.

 I have been exhibiting and selling my paintings in art galleries and non-profit arts organizations since 1993, including solo and group exhibitions. My work is included in private and public collections throughout the United States.